Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Why I came here

Us NRIs are called a few things before leaving. Foreign-crazy, Taking the road to America via Ameerpet, keeda (bug) to make money, following your dollar dreams were a few things we were referred to as doing. I took offence at this if it was referred to me.

But, they were mostly true. Now, I love India with all my heart. But I wanted to travel, go places. While my Australian adventure is described in this blog, I think I have more places to go to.

I always wanted to come to Australia, not the US or UK. In fact after getting a good score on GRE, I did not apply for any US university. Australia, was the easy and preferred option. Why? Australia is closer to nature. The Great Barrier Reef, the Ayer's Rock (which changes colors according to the weather), the camper's heaven called Victoria all were attractions I planned to visit. And then there was education.

Not that there aren't other places in the world closer to nature, Australia's warm temperature is appealing. I also realise that there are numerous places in India I haven't been to and I hope to get there before commercialisation takes over.

I was reasonably well-educated before I started this journey, but the timing and my field of study (IT) were not suited at that time (which was the excuse I gave to my parents). So, I figured further education would lead me to travelling across Australia.

There are lots of things one can have on their to-do list. I have one thing to do, 'travel', and I already started it. Will not stop doing it till I die.


  1. ycr007 said...

    You know there's a saying in Hindi: Kutte bhaunke hazaar, haathi chale bazaar! Gist is, don't worry when ppl pass comments or judgement on you or your deeds. Just follow your dreams!

    And I'm with you on the Aussie thing. Most people consider Aus to be less 'Happening' than US or UK but I don't think so! The Culture of any country is a new learning experience and I'm happy for u that a nature-lover like you have got the chance to see it up close! All the best buddy! Do upload some snaps of Aus, if u can.

  2. lazybug said...

    I wld also prefer aussie land over UK and US. Have a gr8 time till u move to ur next destination. :)

  3. Aravind said...

    Will put some pix up ASAP.

  4. Peter said...

    and ur nxt destination .. ?

  5. Aala Santhosh Reddy said...

    hmm... even i love travelling but dont know why i havent put much efforts into it. But definitely i would do that once i am free with the responsibilities i have or better move into something that requires me to travel especially the unexplored - which is what i like the most.