Monday, May 08, 2006

Busy Procrastinator

Higher studies were the main reason I came to Australia. But the number of things I had to take care of put my studies in the background.

I was very busy the first few weeks I came to Melbourne. Coming from a city known for its lazy Nawabi culture, it felt like getting off the bed and running full tilt right away in the middle of the night with lights still off. Since I did not have much practice doing that, a few problems crept up.

One of the first things I had to learn was to walk. Yeah, I learnt that when I was a kid but somehow lost touch after getting a bike in India. Though public transport is a bit more efficient here than what we have in Hyderabad, it still does not drop you at your doorstep. Which meant I had to make use of my legs a lot.

Part of running in the dark was to figure out how to cook and how to wash clothes. Raw food simply did not agree with my stomach and I realised clothes smell bad if worn for too long. I now found ways to save time on these things.

I did not hurt myself too much by running in the dark, cause when I kept running dawn came. If I was back home, I would still be sleeping.


  1. Naren said...

    Good blog dude..add some pics of australia which can even make it better

    from a Vijayawada'er ( Hope i can use that word )