Sunday, May 07, 2006

My work, my life

Leaving India meant supporting myself. Though it was pointed out that pretty much everything from cooking to doing the laundry was to be done by myself, I did not worry too much about the money as well before leaving.

I first tried my mouth at telemarketing and got sold on the idea that I am bad at selling. I did a one up on my employer and quit before I got the boot. Physical labour was the other option, but I did not take it. Three months later hunger came up as another option, I opted for labour.

Christina Aguilera made working at the car wash a glamour job, but thankfully it wasn't as popular when I applied. I always thought I was fit, then I started working at the car wash and I lost about 5 kilos.

I now know that I am a bad waiter, not too responsible to manage a store, a sloppy sweeper, not really qualified to wash dishes and too slack at collecting data. But I got those jobs anyway.


  1. Anonymous said...

    U write pretty well gyani. And all that expi at th car wash and the telemarketing job wil only help u :D

    -- Lazybug