Monday, March 03, 2008

Out of form? Indeed!!

One very convenient excuse for a string of bad performances of a cricket player is "He is out of form!". Now, that is the most pathetic excuse one can give for anything.

What does it mean? Lets see what I can come up with:

  • I am having trouble at home with my wife/girlfriend and not able to concentrate while playing.
  • I cannot concentrate because I am constantly calculating my earnings and tax returns in my head.
  • No matter how much we sledge, it doesn't seem to affect the opposing team. Let me try this...
  • I am the man, I always perform, look at me do this...
"Out of form" excuse has been used by many a cricketer, the last days of Ravi Shastri, Navjot Sidhu, Mohammed Azharuddin were torture for cricket fans as the batsmen came in to the crease and then just had a picnic. In the old days if a hunter went to the jungle and came back empty handed he would probably be ridiculed so much he would give his profession up.

Agreed, there is some bad luck when at the crease and probably the opposing team is in much better shape than you are, but when you are consistently inconsistent then you must step down for a while.

Now, lets see what professions or performances would not allow the excuse "Out of form"!...

  • Student failing all his exams.
  • Air Traffic Controller, God forbid!
  • Soldier.
  • A cook.
So, why are these highly paid cricketers getting away with that excuse?