Saturday, September 30, 2006

Grand Final Weekend

For those not familiar with Australian Sports, Aussie Rules Football also known as Footy is widely popular here. I am not a sports-loving person. Of course I watch the 100 meter finals in Olympics and try not to miss World Cup Football matches, a completely new type of game does take some time for me to like.

Here is what I know about Footy: Two teams, one oblong ball, each trying to hit the ball inside the space of two tall poles on the opposite side. If the ball goes through the space between these two poles, then the team gets 6 points, if it misses this space they get 1 point anyway, provided they are within shorter poles a bit wider off the longer poles.

The top 16 teams within Australia compete against each other in league games for 6 months starting April through to the last Saturday of September each year. The Grand Final is played on this day, today.

While this is primarily a Victorian Game, the two temas to be playing today are West Coast Eagles - a Western Australian team and the Sydney Swans. Last I heard, most players in the Sydney Swans team are Victorian.

Rugby League

Another football based game which is immensely popular is Rugby League and the final of the leagues is being played tomorrow.

While this game is popular primarily outside Victoria the two teams to play the final are Melbourne Storm and Brisbane Broncos.

Now, I just need to get me beer and sit in front of the telly to watch some footy action. Where is the remote?