Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Desi looks

After working out at the gym, went to the reception to pick up my wallet and the lady asked, 'Oh! you are here for your jacket?',
I smiled, replied, 'No, I know where my jacket is. ',
She goes on 'Yeah, it is here',
I smile more now, 'No, it's in my locker',
She is not convinced, 'Then you forgot your jacket?',
I am beginning to get the picture, 'Never did.',
She now does not believe it, 'You mean, you came here just for your wallet?',
I reply in the positive and walk away..

I tell my friend while walking out 'Yeah, we all look the same'.

Do we?

Friday, June 23, 2006


Alarm clocks. Snooze buttons. Cereal breakfast everyday, serial breakfast. Train ticket. Petrol costly. Drink coffee during morning tea. McDonalds. Worry about weight. Credit card bills. Mobile ringing. Office meeting. Call home. Mild home sickness. Beer. Hair cut. Working holiday. Long weekend. Washing machine. Press clothes. Vacuum cleaner. Government taxes.... Life!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Australian animals

A relative's arrival gave us the chance to visit a zoo this weekend. Australia is host to a large number of kinds of marsupials. Though the weather kind of sucks at this time, it was ok enough for us to go out for a drive to watch them. My camera tagged along.

It sleeps for 20 hours a day, eats eucalyptus leaves which aren't that nutritious, making them more drowsy. But for me, this Koala was awake. And I think it is very photogenic as well.

Australian animals' pix without kangaroos is like a book without punctuation. While kangas don't usually jump around, this moment was captured by my friend.

I don't really know if this is a black swan or not. The zoo keepers probably did not know either, as there were no signs (or did I miss them?). But this gorgeous bird does'nt seem to like the cold water.

These pelicans were having a jolly time when we met them. They were of course glad to meet me.

Pelicans are not known to be vain. But we can forgive them if they indulge in a bit of showing off-ism.

Ok, I think they look better from behind.

The Tasmanian Devil, it barks like a devil and so named. But this one knew that him and I belong to the same community and gave me a smile.

So, while I missed a good shot of other marsupials like the wombat, the most loved animal in the zoo, I had a good time while at it.

Links: How Australia was born.

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