Sunday, June 11, 2006

Australian animals

A relative's arrival gave us the chance to visit a zoo this weekend. Australia is host to a large number of kinds of marsupials. Though the weather kind of sucks at this time, it was ok enough for us to go out for a drive to watch them. My camera tagged along.

It sleeps for 20 hours a day, eats eucalyptus leaves which aren't that nutritious, making them more drowsy. But for me, this Koala was awake. And I think it is very photogenic as well.

Australian animals' pix without kangaroos is like a book without punctuation. While kangas don't usually jump around, this moment was captured by my friend.

I don't really know if this is a black swan or not. The zoo keepers probably did not know either, as there were no signs (or did I miss them?). But this gorgeous bird does'nt seem to like the cold water.

These pelicans were having a jolly time when we met them. They were of course glad to meet me.

Pelicans are not known to be vain. But we can forgive them if they indulge in a bit of showing off-ism.

Ok, I think they look better from behind.

The Tasmanian Devil, it barks like a devil and so named. But this one knew that him and I belong to the same community and gave me a smile.

So, while I missed a good shot of other marsupials like the wombat, the most loved animal in the zoo, I had a good time while at it.

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  1. Peter said...

    Nice Photos .. with Nice description

    :cheers: Gyani :)

  2. ycr007 said...

    Good Pics those, Gyani. And methinks the tasmanaian devil got attracted towards u coz of ur smell ;)