Friday, June 23, 2006


Alarm clocks. Snooze buttons. Cereal breakfast everyday, serial breakfast. Train ticket. Petrol costly. Drink coffee during morning tea. McDonalds. Worry about weight. Credit card bills. Mobile ringing. Office meeting. Call home. Mild home sickness. Beer. Hair cut. Working holiday. Long weekend. Washing machine. Press clothes. Vacuum cleaner. Government taxes.... Life!!


  1. Yashashwini Y P said...
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  2. Yashashwini Y P said...

    yum chinese retaurant, sweet chat pals to reduce work stress, mom's voice over phone, grandmom's voice over phone, BEER, FOOD, GYM(to help lose weight), sweet cousin's sms, waiting for OCTOBER, freehyderabad forum....?

    not LIFE enough??? HE HE! :P

    Good one though! :):)

  3. Sonja said...

    that post was kinda like watching an interpretive dance. it was strange, but pretty.... anyways, greetings from kolkatta. tis nice to know that i can still keep up with the gyanbotes while on the other side of the world... miss you!!!!

    sonja n nicole

    nicole says hi even though she doesnt know you....