Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My first blog at last!

Hi all. After pondering and reflecting about my own blog for very long I have finally published it.

I was born in India and now live in Australia. If you ever wonder why Australian sports is represented in Gold and Green, I think it is because of how beautiful Australia looks when you watch it from your flight, it does look golden with green bits. It is probably one of Australia's many deserts. That is me, a desi in Golden land.

Will keep this blog updated with my experiences, my dreams and their designs.


  1. Thelazybug said...

    Nice post and a good start gyani!

  2. Anonymous said...

    Good start, Gyanster. Smack was here.

  3. Peter said...

    bangaru lokam lo... gyanster.. expecting more posts from you!! :)

  4. Rocky said...

    Hollo, Hollo Gangster. Thain, Thain. HO, Ho Ho, Tum Bhi Desi Ho. Welcome to desidownunder.