Sunday, May 14, 2006

Far away from home

I have heard about it, I have read about it and felt very certain that I won't be affected by it. But three months in to living in Melbourne and it hit me. I was caught unawares. If you ever tripped over a step when you are feeling the most smug about yourself, you will know the feeling. If you have not, then try it once, up your confidence and remind yourself that you are all knowing, all conquering, you are the smartest and the strongest, do this while you are walking up a flight of stairs and sooner or later you will trip.

Back to the point, I became home sick. While there are varying degrees of home sickness, I was unfortunate enough to get hurt the hardest. I will say that about me won't I? During the start of winter 2003, I was a lonely soul, wandering about on the streets of Melbourne, very depressed and longing to go back home.

I had no money, had about 90 dollars left in my bank account. The remedy for homesickness is to not let it get worse, a whole lot of good that would do. Calling home and crying over the phone is not recommended, cause the called party wails more than the called party, which in turn makes the called party (in this case me) a bit more depressed, if you catch my drift.

The remedy for any mentally related problems is to keep your mind busy, which certainly wasn't being observed in this case. But washing cars in the middle of winter certainly took my mind off things, I was too busy thinking about how to stop my foot from freezing.

A tip for you dreamers out there, if you leave your home and ever get homesick, just remember that it is natural and expected. And if it is winter then wash cars, you will make a bit of money and sleep tired.


  1. ycr007 said...

    Hi Gyani,
    Tho I have noticed your Blog in da sig, I never visited it :guilty:
    Itz a nice read man...I can only imagine your situation but if its any comforting, lemme tell you that you are doing a good job out there. Just stick in, be patient, remember your loved ones and their hopes on you and take those as a stepping stone towards success.Fortune favours the brave! Cheers and Good Luck to you!

  2. Aravind said...

    Thanks YCR.
    I am free from those issues now. Just wanted to put them in my blog. Good luck to on your blog.

  3. LaughingBuddha said...

    You remind me of myself when I came over to Aus. No job, knew absolutely no one. Jumped onto a plane with a few $$$ and a PR visa. It all worked out.

    It does get lonely once you get over the initial novelty and adjustment period. Once you find you feet your head comes up over the surface and you start looking around. That's when the loneliness hits.

    Keep going bro. Good luck.

    Strength and courage!

  4. Anonymous said...

    That was a good post gyani. Me can understand ur feelings, tho me has never stayed abroad.

    I wld suggest finding a GF as a possible remedy for homesickness ;)(forgive me if u disagree!!!)

    -- Lazybug

  5. Aala Santhosh Reddy said...

    Hi Aravind, your blog looks interesting. Though i too feel the same sitting here in hyderabad its all about your mental state isnt it. Well good luck with your studies keep working hard.

    Kaiku (Aala Santhosh Reddy)

  6. Aravind said...

    @lazybug: I had a girlfriend. Made things worse. :)

  7. Betty said...

    Hi Gyani,
    I hope I am not trespassing when i decided to check up your blog from the link in your signature.
    Actually what you wrote about homesickness seemed so uncannily true and similar to mine own when I was in US that couldn't resist dropping in a line.
    I stood it for almsot a year then literally ran back to India,even though I had a lot of friends to go out with, good food, etc. I still don't know how people can survive years in a place so far away from home.

  8. Aravind said...

    We all go through it. And I have survived. It is continuing thing, both for me and my parents.