Sunday, May 21, 2006

Ferry to Williamstown

Melbourne had a sunny day yesterday. While clear and fine days are in high demand during this time of the year, we had some supply of sunshine and getting that on a weekend was the perfect icing. I hopped on to a ferry from the city to Williamstown. Black swans on the Yarra were a very good start to the trip.

Start of a journey. A couple just got married and are very lucky to experience such climate on their wedding day.

I won't be surprised if I find a pregnant Preity Zinta dancing around this bridge/pathway.

A city taking rest after its weekend. As seen from the sea. (Yarra meets the sea somewhere on our journey.)

Williamstown at last, against the backdrop of the city. It grew dark very soon, but not for my camera.


  1. ycr007 said...

    Great Picz Gyani. Keep'em coming.
    A ride on a ferry across a river can be oh-so-cool! i.e. if you're not prone to sea-sickness like yours truly :(

  2. Peter said...

    Wah gyan wah ..simbly superb.. :yay: :D

  3. lazybug said...

    Supper pics aai syaaay!