Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Free Hyderabad, Full Hyderabad

For someone living outside of India you will just be amazed at how many people you meet are Indians, there are Indians everywhere, some enterprising, some hardworking and some plain lazy like yours truly.

Someone told me a joke that in some remote part of Africa, a call came through and asked for Patel, they had to clarify if it was Dr Patel or Mr Patel they were after.

More amazing is the number of Hyderabadis you will find. Now, if you are in Hyderabad and know that every two and halfth person has left every next week to every which place outside of India. But, you may be forgiven for thinking that everyone else does it.

In my three odd years of living in Melbourne and the bit of travelling I have done in Australia, I have known and met many Hyderabadis and it is oh so comfortable speaking in Hyderabadi for a while. So, cheers to Hyderabad, a full Hyderabad, a free Hyderabad.


  1. Pete said...

    is it becaz.. more desity of hydies or is it becaz, hydies are wanderers ??

  2. Pete said...

    is it becaz .. more density of hydies or is it becaz ..hydies are wanderers??