Thursday, May 11, 2006

Continuing Education

Education took up most of my time in the first 8 months that I came to Melbourne. The agent in Hyderabad reminded me that the course I am doing is a bit tough. I took it as when we are reminded in school that the exams are tough.

The major difference between education here and the one back in Hyderabad was the hands on approach. Assignments had to be completed during studies and counted for marks. So, when last minute cram sessions worked in India, I had sleepless nights throughout the semester working on assignments.

At the end of semester one, there were 6 assignments for 4 subjects to be submitted and exams were looming after that. I realised that there is enough time if you use it correctly, so out went watching TV or hanging out, all time was spent in libraries and reading up in the train.

'Everything's easy' approach got adopted in semester two and it hurt me hard, I failed one subject and had to clear the subject. Desperate times called, but easy subjects were offered. No time was wasted picking one up and passing it.

So, while I studied databases, Software Engineering, Network security and such, I work in a different field altogether. Am I happy? Of course I am, I passed didn't I?