Saturday, August 12, 2006

Desi News

Any news impacting desi's does not come out of Melbourne, this place being down under and mostly ignored by news, both Indian and international. So, whenever such information or news comes up, I will try and post them in this blog.

On Aug 9th, an Indian taxi driver died due to injuries sustained when pushed out of his moving cab by a person who wanted to take over the cab. The said person was running away from the police and was picked up by the cab driver as a passenger.

Rajneesh Joga, the victim, was from Hyderabad, was doing his Masters in Accountancy was only 27 and worked part time as a taxi driver, he used to send money to his parents and also pay for his fees.

This has evoked cries from the taxi drivers of Melbourne to raise security in cabs to prevent further violence against them. Last night they held a vigil on the streets of Melbourne in front of Flinders Street Station (the main train station for suburban trains), stopping all tram and vehicle traffic. This is the third such vigil they held in two days. The transport minister of Victoria is speaking to the taxi association to come to an agreement.

I was there at Flinders Street last night, most of the taxi drivers who were striking looked as they are from the sub-continent. Didnt think anyone else would care..


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  1. Hiren said...

    All life is precious and all steps should be taken to ensure that this does not recur. I once read about a child psychologist who was a tazi driver because driving was his passion- Make your passion your profession. Who knows which other worthy souls are there?

  2. arul john said...

    In late 2004 there were a number of attacks against desi cab drivers in Chicago's Devon area. Some were stabbed, even though they just gave the money quietly without any fight. The muggers - nah, I'd prefer to call them animals - were mostly from the kallu ghettos and very racist. You can tell by the way they beat up and injured their victims, most of whom were Indians.

    Fortunately, the news was a frontliner, and this brought attention to the area, prompting a little more security there.

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