Saturday, July 22, 2006

Waiting for Spring

Morning: When already late leaving for work, I discovered that there is frost on the windshield. Wipers with water did not do the trick, nor did using hands (gave me frostbite). I thought hot water would do the job, but decided against it, my knowledge of simple physics gave me the momentary flash of a fright that the glass might expand and break. Bottled water washed the frost away, but brought fresh frost on the window. Water with a cloth to wipe it off took care of the business.

Afternoon: The sky was clear with warm sunshine, it wasn't even cold in the shade. If one landed in Melbourne at that time, he would be forgiven for thinking it is spring.

Evening: Mild fog with chilly winds, no sign of warmth. About to get colder.

That is a perfect example of the weather in Melbourne, always unpredictable, so full of pleasant surprises. No wonder they keep saying it is like living with a woman and dealing with her moods. I am still waiting for spring though. I am a sunny-weather man.


  1. Anonymous said...

    stop whingeing like an aunty... we all go through it. learn to deal!!!

    love, SonJa (ur fave person in the world :D )