Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Blogger.com blocked in India

I interrupt my general blogging of Australia and how my life here is such a song to point out that in India our fellow netizens are being denied access to a few blogger websites.

While this type of reaction to the recent attacks in India are unique in a way that no other country came up with this brilliant idea of bringing the terrorists down to their knees. No increase in security, no concrete steps taken to bring the culprits to court, no strategic steps against the neighbour who perpetrates this. One swift step of information blockage and the terrorists are seriously affected now.

Thanks to the Indian Government. You have begun the cyber war against terrorism. Citizens of India, do not expect any more innocent blood to flow.

Rediff News article
Bloggers Collective
Protests by Bloggers


  1. Hiren said...

    Well now the block has been removed but some satisfactory explaination must be given on why this happened. Its brazen stupidity.

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