Thursday, June 05, 2008

Life - Part 2

After waking up today the first thought that crossed my mind was, "Another chore done, what's next?". Life got so routine that even sleep is another chore for me. :(

This cartoon sums up what I feel like about it now:


'Life' is the favourite theme of cartoonists it seems, with this one showing how much we 'play' in 'life':


And life summed up in this Persian comic:


This is how I felt two years ago:

Alarm clocks. Snooze buttons. Cereal breakfast everyday, serial breakfast. Train ticket. Petrol costly. Drink coffee during morning tea. McDonalds. Worry about weight. Credit card bills. Mobile ringing. Office meeting. Call home. Mild home sickness. Beer. Hair cut. Working holiday. Long weekend. Washing machine. Press clothes. Vacuum cleaner. Government taxes.... Life!!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Nice cartoon strips there. you need a break!