Wednesday, January 31, 2007


On the busy road today back from work at the traffic lights, I heard a siren wail and suddenly realised that there was a Fire Truck two cars behind mine, in the bumper to bumper traffic all the cars tried to create space by moving into their side lanes to make a partition. Then the lights turned green and everyone was still looking behind if there is space for the truck to go through. My car was the one obstructing the truck and then I floored it as all traffic in front mine cleared, going over the speed limit so that the fire truck can go faster.

Two weeks ago, when in Hyderabad, when crossing the road (on foot) in bumper to bumper traffic cars and bikes refuse to let me get through, would they have let a fire truck or ambulance through? Not sure about that.

At the Hyderabad airport when the guests (of the travellers) to travellers ratio was 15:1 and a queue to get in the terminal, every other person broke in not allowing the patient ones to get through and one foreigner turns around and tells his friend, "Same rules as traffic!". I guess it will take some time for us Indians to think about others, if only for a second.