Saturday, October 07, 2006

Trip Around the Bay

Making money and travelling don't go hand in hand. There wouldn't be backpacker hostels if everyone who travels is rich. Unless of course your job is a travel reporter, getting time off work to travel is very tricky. How long do you take the leave for? Will these many days be enough for this destination? Do I go according to the tourist operators schedule or do it alone? All these questions gnaw at your mind when you want to go somewhere, and there is the big question: Will I get my job back once I get back from that long holiday? May be I should just stick to my career.

But this same career gave me long weekends, last week I happened to get 5 day weekend. Don't ask how, it is a long story. So, I took my car to travel around the bay.

Sorrento, was the first stop. A Beach facing East and a Beach facing West, about 5 minute drive apart is the highlight of this quiet town. A ferry would take us through to Queenscliff another lovely and quiet town on the other end of the bay.

The feature of the ferry ride is one gets to watch dolphins, I have to take this ride again very soon because the dolphins come out in Summer.

Queenscliff to Geelong (Largest non-Capital city of Australia) takes about 15 minutes drive.

Beauchamp falls in the middle of Otway National Park, this takes a bit of walking downwards and then more of walking back. But who would think of going back when you are at such a lovely place?

At the end of my journey at Warrnambool I was fortunate enough to see Whales, though they were too far for me to capture them.... in my camera. :) I hope to see more of Victoria and get to go on a ferry to look at the whales. But till then it is back to work and slogging for me.